Saturday, 3 July 2010

Today I am in a wedding mood. I guess because tomorrow we are going to meet a possible photographer tomorrow.

Here again some turquoise inspiration:

These three-dimensional escort cards are as easy
to make as they are refreshing to look at. At first glance, they appear to have been blown onto the table by a warm summer breeze. Following the instructions below, make them using a heart-shape craft punch, bright-white ink, scissors, glue, and paper in a range of watery hues that complements your palette.

How to Make It
1. Cut a slit from the bottom point of each heart to 3/8 inch from the top center. Calligraph with white ink.

2. Place one side of the slit atop the other to create a pop-up effect; glue.

3. Snip off the "tails" of extra paper at the bottom point of the heart.

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