Thursday, 26 August 2010

It' s been too long! and I know it!

Dear all,

I would really like to apologize for taking a break of more then a month...
It has been hectic.. holidays... a lot of work... family celebrations and many regular things of life.
But anyway, not I AM back and I am going to continue posting.

In 3 weeks I will be starting my education as an interior designer. They say: you may have a feeling for something, but a real diploma makes you get there, makes you be that in the eyes of others.
And I DO really feel like it!
Yesterday I was reading some preview of the study books, and I must say I feel like it even more now! Just really understand what are the rules of interior, how do you build the design on a well known rules. I mean the basics must always be perfect!

I hope that this year we can have a lot to talk about! I would really appreciate if you would leave your comments if you like something I post. Maybe we can exchange design ideas and learn from each other!


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