Thursday, 28 October 2010

My first little design project inspiration

Dear all,

It is almost official. I am going to help with the design of a house.
My colleague has just bought  a new house and is busy with thinking of the decoration of it. He needs everything. Starting at the mirror in the hall finishing with the curtains, couch and the TV.

The things present:
Kitchen, dark color closets
Dark floor

Things wishing:
Couch with a L shape
White chair,
High dining table for 4.

i found the dark floor quite interesting and also quite challenging.  what for type of furniture can you use with a really dark floor....
Here is some inspiration, something with dark floors. ..

This picture I find really appropriate! Modern, warm and I think this is the style of my colleague!

So, you should keep it light, maybe with a sparkle of a color.
But you should always remember that dark color absorbs the light, so makes the room feel less spacious.

I will keep on thinking on the best solution...


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