Sunday, 12 December 2010

Villa Vals by Bjarne Mastenbroek & Christian Müller

Good evening to all,

Tonight I'd like to take you for a trip to the Swiss village... Vals!

Vals is known for it's Thermal Baths, but for designers it's also known by an extraordinary villa:
"Villa Vals"

As the villa was not allowed to distort the view for the thermal bath guests, these creative architects decided to build the villa inside the mountain.

So.. Did they manage to make it disappear or what?

The front view became truly impressive. The enormous windows compensate for the missing light on the other end of the house. There seems to be a perfect balance between the modern look and natural elements.

The balance between the modern and natural look continue inside. Wood is being combined with black and white furniture.

So if you're looking for an original place to relax, while getting away from your hectic daily life, I would definitely recommend you this one.

Got you interested? Just check out 

pictures made by Iwan Baan

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  1. Wow Amazing!! thx .. I'm gonna make sweet dreams, I think.



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