Saturday, 19 February 2011

Eric Kuster - Metropolitan Luxury II, house in Marbella

I guess you remember the post  that I made about the dutch designer Eric Kuster that makes the most amazing luxury interior designs. At that time I was dying to have his new book - Metropolitan Luxury II. 
And guess what I have got it!!! And even more special, it was signed by Eric especially for me!

I was so proud, i could cry, jump and just be extremely happy! It is being proudly presented in my house now. Some people even call it the Bible of our house. ;)

This post is about one of my favorite houses from that book - the house in Marbella. See for yourself what I mean...

Breathtaking, isn't it? 

Source: Metropolitan Luxury II


  1. Breathtaking for sure .. I am still out of breath after drooling over that main bathroom (-:



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