Thursday, 21 April 2011

Using natural colors in your interior

Wow. I keep on telling everyone that people should actually only use natural colors in their interiors when they decide to rebuild their home! Many people find me boring. 
But actually what I am trying to say by that, than only after you do it, you can use COLOR in your interior!

Look at this house here. This is a perfect example of how to do it. Do you see it? Can you follow my mind? NOW you can add any color you want! NOW you can use different colors rugs, chairs, candles, paintings, lamps etc etc etc. 

Listen to me! Do you finally see what I mean?

Source: SkonaHem

I actually also need to tell you that couple of months ago i have started to change my home into something like this. And it works for me! I am so much more happy in my home now! I am still not done, but as soon as everything will be ready, i will be posting some pictures on my home here. 

Oh yeah, before i switched into these color pallet, i used to have yellow wall and a red couch! I drove me crazy! I was not able to mix and match, i was not able to use grey, or blue candles, because it would just simply not match with my interior. 
And now everything is on its place! :)


  1. I keep looking at this house I love it.

  2. i just happened to come across your blog and i LOVE it! i am a fan of natural colors as well. you can't go wrong and then you can use whatever colors you want in you accessories. thank you for sharing.

  3. i agree....and the pictures are stunning! I thought about using dark colors on my kitchen cabinets, but opted for all white.

  4. I really like ur blog and design !



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