Saturday, 25 June 2011

Home tour: Nature and design united

Today I came across this beautiful house thought a very cool blog - Design Addict Mom
If I would have to name an ultimate dream house of myself, than this one would come pretty close. 
I love how the nature and the living space join each other, the use of white colors, the natural stones, candles, expensive materials. Everything...

What I just do not know is where is this house situated, who is the designer and who is living there. Do you know? I find it important to honor all those people as well when i am making a port about a house. 

So, if you can help me with this, please do so.

But at the moment, just enjoy the view!


  1. What a wonderful place. Comes close to my Bauhaus dream house. Nice blog!

  2. I absolutely love this space! I think a house should always have a ton of natural light..where you feel one with the outdoors. You definitely would feel happy in a place like that.



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