Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Interior designer: Ruth Káradóttirs - Island

Today I would like to tell you about an Island designer - Ruth Káradóttirs. Her interiors are inspired by Island nature. White an more white. 
I have found an article telling about the work and inspiration of Ruth. I love to read what inspired an artist. What makes him think of certain things and where do they get their inspiration from.

The house from 1968 is located in Breidholt which is one of the oldest suburbs to Rejkavik. White is the continuous color choice, only broken here and there by a little gray-brown elements like wood and concrete floors and wooden terrace outside.

 I prefer the natural materials and blends like the raw materials with more elegant says Ruth. Nature's own materials tend to only become more beautiful with age. And so do I like nature's own color scale set by the multifaceted nature of the picture here on the Island, from the snow into the lava, the hot springs and mountains.

- The light is very important to create the right atmosphere and it is one of the most important I try to create even for my clients, explains Ruth. Since we live so far north of here on the Island, we are fortunate with a lot of light, especially in summer when it is bright around the clock. But in winter it is only about six to seven hours a day and these conditions are important to take into account when building and planning their home here

Source: Vartnya Hem

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