Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holiday table decorating tips

Today I will be serving a pre-Xmas dinner for the family. I am very excited as today I want to prepare some russian home made food for my Dutch family. And my table has to be perfect as well.  I am sure you are also looking for the perfect decoration tips for your holiday table, aren't you? I have some tips for your perfect table. Hope you find them helpful.

1. Get your best tableware ready
Before you start setting your table, you need to carefully examine the dinnerwareand flatware, make sure they are clean and shiny, no chips or other defects.If there is a defect, dishes must be replaced.
No less attention should be given to other subjects of the table set - salt, pepper,etc.

2. Tablecloth brings warmth to your table
it is beautiful, it protects the tableand mutes the sound of dishes. It is clear that the cloth must be clean and correspond to the size of the table. Ideally, if the ends of the cloth for 25-30 cm longertops. Don't even  think of paper tablecloths! Please forget about these inventions of modern industry!! Even the children's party does not deserve the paper tablecloths and disposable tableware
Remember! Good taste is brought up from childhood

3. Choose the color of your tablecloth
The snow-white tablecloth looks best: it gives the table a particular solemnity, and it goes any tableware. But if the soul requires something extraordinary and more alive, you can play with color.  The occasion determines the color. All table decorations must be in harmony to each other. 

4. Additional textiles
If this is a festive table setting, you can use a table runner. The table runner is placed on top of a tablecloth or right on the countertop. Table runner is often used without tablecloth - it serves to protect your table from damage, on the place where the vases and dishes are placed.

5. Use linnen napkins
Napkins should be combined with your tablecloth, you'd better even buy them together. The best option when the napkins have the same color as the tablecloth, but the fabric is thinnerIf you are a creative person, it will not be difficult to fold napkins in a cool way.
You can fix the napkins using the special rings.

Need a tip for folding your napkin? 

Linen napkins are designed to not stain clothing, but the lips should be wiped with paper napkins. So, do not forget to put those at your table.

6. Flowers bring special atmosphere
If you want to create a special festive atmosphere at the tablethink about flowers. Choose flowers that will be combined with all the decoration of the table, will not crumble or have a strong smell.

Do not place high vases or flowers. They will interfere communicationBouquets look better in low bowls or flat vases. You can place two or three small bouquet in different parts of the table, and you can decorate a table top with  lose flowers. Flowers on the table will create a special atmosphere. Warm shades create acheerful mood, flowers in cold tones underline the atmosphere of solemnityIt is best to use flowers of one species.

Given all the recommendations I am sure that you will be a hospitable host showing good taste at your holiday dinner celebration. And now, when the table is servedculinary masterpieces are ready, do not forget about yourself! If we are perfect, its better be in everything!

Enjoy your holidays!

If you are looking for more decorating tips, or need help with decorating your house for holidays, we are more than happy to help. Tell us your decorating ideas, and we bring them to live. 

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