Sunday, 6 June 2010

Great interiors from Sex and the City 2

This is great! I have always been looking for images from Sex and the City houses. And somehow I was never able to find them. And yes, of course I am also interested in the fashion images, but I always found SATC homes magical as well.
This month SATC 2 is coming in the cinemas all over the world. And this time there is more attention to it then ever.
This week I Elle Decor posted a whole article about SATC homes! I enjoy it, I hope you will as well!

This is the old closet of Carrie, of which we all were soooo jealous about!!!

And THIS is the new closet of Carrie and Big. Look how funny it has been splitter on left and right, his and hers, light and dark, beautiful and business.
So, how jealous are we now?!?!

Maybe this is a real great idea to display your books just on your coffee table.

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