Sunday, 6 June 2010

House for sale...

33 Raby Bay Boulevard RABY BAY

Could there be more beautiful house in the world? If I close my eyes and start dreaming I would think that this house is mine. Everything about it. The design, the spirit, just totally my taste!
And the funny thing about it, it is for sale!!

A masterpiece designed and built with the ultimate style and creative taste and featuring only the finest finishes and architectural design elements. The home exudes a relaxed, casual ,yet elegant ambiance so wonderful for seaside living and entertaining!
An amazing design of interior designer Anna Spiro!

Overlooking the glistening waters of Moreton Bay with panoramic uninterrupted views to the distant islands, with glorious sunsets every evening and a sand beach just a stone throw' from your back garden, perfect if you love swimming in the sea and taking long walks.

Pale ivory walls and a bold use of color throughout the interior work so well and are illuminated by the coastal light reflections.

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