Saturday, 4 September 2010

Quote of the day..

I am being totally into that space that Rebecca created. I feel really inspired and driven to just jump up, get my credit card to run to the shop to give a whole face lift to my office space at home!
So, here is comes, the quote of the day by Rebecca Orlov (that name sounds Russian, dont you think):

Best advice: Create a space that works for you and makes you feel good. Part of this is organizing your things – no one wants to work around a lot of “stuff”. My tip for setting up an organized space quickly is to initially dedicate time each day to actually get it done. When I moved in to my apartment, I spent one hour in the morning and one or two hours in the evening to unpack and set things up in each room. I got the office completed in just a day or two with a bit of time management.

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