Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beauty of interview with images

Today I was taking a better look at  a website that I came across once.
Its a Germain website with interviews of interesting artistic people. What I like about that website is  that every interview is being posted with beautiful images.
Today I was reading an interview with the Designer Leyla Piedayesh - Founder and Designer of Lala Berlin, Studio, Berlin-Mitte. I always like to see creative people at their work place. I believe a good working place can be an inspiration to your further work as well. 

I am inspired by working places like these. In places like these you can feel the atmosphere, the emotions, pure beauty and inspiration. 

By posting the following images I hope that you will get inspired just like me to work on your home, office, working room, to create something so beautiful and personal. 

If you wish to read the interview, you can find it here

What do you think? Are you being inspired as well?


  1. This is very beautiful!! I like the last picture the most!



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