Monday, 11 October 2010

Project: lawyers office in a shopping mall....

This is already  more then a month that I do my education. Here is a small update about how things are going.

After I had quite some positive responses on my well-done drawings and got some more confidence in my so-called interesting designs (according to the teacher), I realized that I am still not there where I want to be. I mean, now after making some simple living rooms, bathrooms etc, it is starting to get real complicated. 
This week I am making an office for a young lawyer who decided to get herself a space in a shopping mall. 
The word says it, shopping mall , means only one big window with a doorway in the middle. 

The requests are:
- kitchen
- working area
- gathering room
- toilet

Also, I had to think of privacy, lightning plan and keep it original  ( the last one is my own request I must say).

So, in the end after days of brainstorming, being moody because nothing came out of my hands and sleepless nights, I almost know it! 
I will be using my already almost famous ROUND WALLS! Keeping it different again! At least I really hope so! 

In the meantime, while I am thinking hard of my design and being creative, here are some offices for  the designer in you!

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