Sunday, 19 December 2010

Home Office of the week: Archipod

If you'd like to have your own home office, and you'd like to make it a bit more original, then this might be something for you:

The garden furniture from Archipod. 

This small design office home offers you a unique shape of a sphere, which may be in the garden courtyard. Made of prefabricated wooden structure, this small house can be very useful in the studio, guest house, children's playroom, home office, and many others. 

The unusual design is spherical with Western Red Cedar shingles and a very nice wooden door with a hinged top, which give a very modern look. This rustic home decor wood is very modern, fully plastered, so you can decorate it depends on the style.


  1. I just have to leave a comment myself now; I am so in love with this space!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you eve seen anything like this before? LOVE IT!

  2. This is so odd but I like it.



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