Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pia Ulin - photographer of emotions

Pia Ulin is a name which is not really known in The Netherlands. 
But actually everyone knows her work. 
This Swedish photographer makes pictures for many famous brands, interior designers, shops and many magazines.
She has been making commercials for IKEA, H&M, Electrolux, ELLE Interior, Residence.
Pia Ulin embraces life and her lifestyle images breathe energy. Prefering on-location-shooting in natural light her way of capturing beauty with a true expression is exceptional. Careful with details, but with a tremendous feeling for the whole, Pia always radiate a positive message and humane undertones. 

Source: Pia Ulin and http://www.agentbauer.com/

Whether interiors, portraits, advertising, food or travels, her series of images show her dedication for storytelling. 

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