Sunday, 28 August 2011

Choosing your bed - do you make a deal with the sales person?

I am finaly getting my mind straight after the wedding and starting to get back to my normall thoughts. Meaning, thought to make spaces better.
Nowadays I am planning on redesigning my bedroom. I am looking for that hotel feeling, together with natural, industrial loft idea. Natural material as wood, wool and linen are welcome. 
Colors: Grey! Taupe! brown..? maybe a little, but not too much. 
Eye-catcher: table lamps Rabbit from Moooi! 

BUT! Before I start dreaming. I have a mission to do. Buy that perfect bed!

While choosing  the perfect bed, we got really stunned by the price! OMG! Does my bed really need to cost so much? My question got answered quite fast. IF you want it to be pretty and have that perfect comfort, the answer is YES! You should be prepared to pay for it. 

After answering the question of the price, the other question popped up in my head: Can I make a deal with the sale person and take about 20% off that ridiculous price? I mean I am still a girl, who needs a feeling a getting the best for the best price as well as a passionate interior lover having that love for a perfect business deal. 

So, there I was, standing in front of sales man with a offer from one company in one hand and a question of a better price in the other hand. The sales men understood me, went talking to his boss.. but in the end did not play along. :( 
So, in the end of the day I ended up with the dream of my perfect bed, but no perfect deal at all.... and on top of that with a huge headache. 

So, now my question is: How normal is it to haggle about the price of your favorite bed and how much would you be able to take off the price?   Would you do it at all?

Would you do it? How would you do it? And how far do you think you can go?
Rabbit lamp from Moooi

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