Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My new obsession for in the hallway

I have got a new mission for my home! And that is a closet to hide my coats in the hallway.
I am seriously fed up with my cloths hanging system in the hall. My front door is made all of glass, and I am just hating to see that thing every time I enter the hallway.
So, now I am dreaming of such a pretty french white closet. 
It doesn't need to hold much, just hide all the coats in the winter and some jackets in summer.
So, please meet my dream closet!

I have seen this beauty at a webshop in Belgum - and i just keep on dreaming about it. 
What do you think? Would it be something for me? or is it too girly and doesn't belong on my home?

1 comment:

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