Sunday, 4 September 2011

Marcel Wolterinck - Natural house in The Netherlands

Today I came across this beautiful house designed by Marcel Wolterinck, an amazing Dutch designer that combines luxury, hotel feeling interiors with nature elements. 
This house is situated in Laren, a little city close by Amsterdam. Actually all the houses in this city are amazing and every single house deserves a separate story. 
This house is made of red cedar wood, which has become slightly grey under the weather conditions in Holland. This makes the house get that natural image and get in harmony with the nature around it. The roof is made of zinc. In my opinion it gives a bit of a Paris feeling to it.

The house as well as the garden have a very natural atmosphere and the interior has been done just the way this house speaks to you. Natural materials, combined with the relaxing and natural color combinations. Wood, concrete, linen, stone. All of that has been put together in a total right way. 

I really adore that style and how all the single detail match each other. 

Click on this image to see all the great details. Amazing!


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