Saturday, 12 November 2011

Artistic Interiors - answers to your question about art in your interior

Via one of my every day read blogs - Made By Girl, I have found out about this book, called Artistic Interiors. And now I am stocked about this book.

I love art in the house. And the most hard part about art is that (besides that it is extremely expensive and hard to find what you like) it is not that easy to present art in all its glory in your house.
You want to give it a good place, but not too much, otherwise you see it ALWAYS in your house. But you should also not put it too far away, otherwise it is not coming out right...

well, i think with this book you will find all your answers to presenting art. As well as what kind of art you like at your home.

So, meet Artistic Interiors bdesigner & architect Suzanne Lovell.


Images via Made By Girl

I guess I want this book for Xmas.....

My lovely dutch readers can get their copy here.

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