Friday, 11 November 2011

Equilibre Interiors - warm, international interiors from Amsterdam

Couple of days ago the November issue of one of my favorite magazines - The Residence was delivered again. The issue has a beautiful cover. Warm interior, with a lot of wood elements, beautiful materials and  fire place. 

The design of the house appeared to be from a Dutch designers duo - Scarlett van Ketwich Verschuur  and Toscha Gast-van Randwijck from Equilibre Interiors.

The article in The Residence is very inspiring! Telling about the way the designers work,  the contacts and relationship that they build during their work with their clients. 
And how the ladies were not afraid to start their business, and just jumped into it! with no fear and not looking back. Now, ten years later, the duo has projects all over the world and has the opportunity to work with the best brands, best materials, best houses... 


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